Transition to School

Our Lady of the Visitation School offers a Transition to School Program for our Preschool children who are enrolled in the school prior to starting school.

Our Lady of the Visitation School is excited to announce changes to our current transition program, bridging the gap between Preschool and School, providing greater opportunities and flexibility for enrolling families.

Growing into Reception nurtures the needs of the whole child. A qualified and highly experienced Early Years Educator, along with an Educational Support Officer, will provide a range of fun learning and play experiences using the Early Years Framework. To ensure a successful start to school, this play based curriculum will be supported by following school routines.

As of June 2019, children who turn 5 years of age between 1 May and 31 October will transition from Preschool to School by attending Growing into Reception 5 days a week. Children who turn 5 years old on or after 1 November will attend Growing into Reception 2 days a week, coinciding with their Preschool days, allowing these children to flourish across the two learning environments. These children will begin Reception in January 2020. 

The Minister for Education has signed a new agreement with the Department for Education offering a mid-year intake into our Preschool. Children turning 4 between 1 May and 31 October can now begin Preschool at the beginning of Term 3, which allows them to complete their 15 hours of Preschool education per week by the end of Term 2 the following year. These children will then begin Growing into Reception in Term 1 and 2 of the following year, followed by Reception in Term 3. For those children who turn 4 on or after 1 November, they are eligible to start Preschool at the beginning of the next year, transitioning into Growing into Reception in Terms 3 and 4 and beginning Reception the following year.

This new model allows Our Lady of the Visitation School to provide families a high-quality transition program ensuring each child has a successful start to school, nurturing their growth and development. 

If you would like more information regarding Growing into School, please see our information booklet, or contact the school for a conversation with our Principal.