Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Our Lady of the Visitation Preschool & School.

Firstly, I would like to say how honoured I am to be a leader in this great community.  Whether you are already a member of our school community or a family wishing to enrol at Our Lady of the Visitation Preschool & School, I hope the information offered assists you to learn more about our wonderful school.

At OLV we are about making a real difference to the young people in our care in both our Preschool and School environments. We seek to grow each student to their unique potential, to develop their academic skills, their ability to manage themselves and their relationships with others, to value and contribute to others both within and beyond the school community and to value a sustainable future.

We aim for each child to value tolerance, respect, integrity and social awareness.

Having a Preschool on site allows for a transition into formal learning for our students and helps families to feel connected with each other, within the entire OLV community.  Our vision is to have the children attending the Preschool transition to OLV School. 

This offers a seamless transition to school with the children developing a sense of belonging within our school community. Knowing what to expect in the school environment helps children to make a smooth transition and preparing children for this begins well before their first day of school. Success is more likely when key stakeholders work and plan this transition collaboratively.

As a school community we welcome parents to be active partners in their child’s education and we provide opportunities for both volunteering in class and for school events as well as opportunities for us to gather as a whole community.

Families of other faith traditions and families who share our values as expressed in our Mission and Vision are most welcome to apply for enrolment.

Families are most welcome to contact the school to meet with me for a personalised tour.  Enrolment enquiries may be addressed by contacting our friendly front office staff on 8248 2480 or by emailing

Frank DeTullio